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Your business requires easy access for your customers and associates to the entrances and loading areas. At Rocking S Concrete, we offer solutions related to parking lots, paving, sidewalks, and walkways—and more. Our commercial concrete contractors specialize in commercial concrete services that add to the visual appeal of your business and most importantly, provide safe, accessible pathways for vehicle and foot traffic, thus enabling customers and employees to get to their destinations on your campus.

Find out more about the commercial concrete services that we provide.


From drive-thru’s to walkways, we provide a wide range of services for commercial property owners who are looking for an upgrade in accessibility and aesthetic appeal.

Concrete Parking Lots
When you’re looking for a long-lasting solution that improves your building’s energy efficiency and overall appearance, our concrete parking lots provide the best option for your business. Our team constructs parking lots that give you an excellent return on your investment due to low maintenance costs and durability.
Paving and Roads Concrete
Rocking S Concrete also offers personalized service for the planning and installation of pavement and roads that promotes the smooth flow of traffic. We offer various types of concrete roads and pavements including reinforced, jointed, and roller compacted. Likewise, we’ll examine the construction site to see which choice works best and to determine how to go about creating the subgrade which acts as the foundation for the pavement or road.
Concrete Sidewalks and Walkways
Pedestrian traffic matters as well. Giving your customers a stable pathway to your business not only encourages their return but also fulfills your obligation to provide a safe entry that accommodates all visitors. Furthermore, we offer choices for staining and stamping which ramp up your property’s visual appeal.
Construction Concrete
Concrete has proven to be one of the most cost-effective, versatile materials. We apply our knowledge and experience along with high-quality materials to your construction project. Whether you need a solid foundation for your new building or new flooring installed in your warehouse, we customize design and methods to enhance the structure that houses your business.
Concrete Replacement & Repair
Along with new construction and paving, we are also your experts in replacement and repair. Concrete lasts for decades, but what if you acquire a property where the paving or foundation have been damaged? Or what if your current property needs a facelift? We offer solutions for replacing dilapidated concrete, resurfacing pavement, or repairing severe cracking and pitting.


Thus, when you consider all these options that are mentioned, you might start thinking about working with a commercial concrete contractor to plan and execute these projects. Here are a few benefits to ponder.

Durable, Long-Lasting Solution
First off, concrete the closest thing to permanent as any material can get. With the proper maintenance, you can keep your parking lots, pavements, and walkways looking sharp.
Plus, concrete structures and paving may look expensive, but they’re far less expensive than paving stones and require less expensive upkeep compared to other materials like asphalt.
Versatile to Suit Any Design
Concrete can also be molded and shaped to suit any form once the sub-base is established along with the framework. This versatility is made possible through our experts’ careful planning. And because the concrete is mixed and poured onsite, the team make necessary adjustments ahead of time unlike prefabricated materials.
Fire Resistant
Moreover, one of the most important qualities of concrete is its fire resistance. Concrete doesn’t ignite when exposed to direct heat due to its inert ingredients. In fact, a concrete exterior can protect the inner parts of a structure from fire.


So, if you’re looking for commercial concrete contractors who possess the knowledge and skills in all aspects of this type of project, then contact Rocking S Concrete for a free consultation and estimate. We take your business’s structural needs seriously and are willing to work hard to provide you with the best concrete parking lot, paving, sidewalks, or any other addition to your property. We also offer fool-proof maintenance plans for all our completed projects.


Although it’s not rare to see the terms “concrete” and “cement” often used interchangeably. Cement is actually an ingredient of concrete. Concrete is a mixture of water, aggregated materials, and gravel or sand.

On a small scale, concrete is easy to work with, but without proper knowledge and the right equipment, it can be challenging. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it could lead to poor concrete surfaces. Instead, consider hiring a professional contractor like Rocking S Concrete Contractors.

The timeframe for completing concrete work can vary significantly based on the scope of your project. But, we can give you an estimated time.  Usually, we can finish our projects like installing patios and driveways in 2-5 days.

Concrete typically takes 24 to 48 hours to dry enough for you to walk or drive on it. In Fact, Concrete gets stronger and stronger as time goes on.

Yes, the sudden impact of the rain on freshly placed concrete surfaces can give rise to unexpected challenges. The key to preventing damage to the concrete surface by a rainstorm is to source concrete blankets or check out the weather updates before starting the project.

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