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Outdoor stamped concrete with light grey color texture

What gives you the look of stone, tile, or brick on your patio, walkway, or driveway but has the affordability of concrete? As the best stamped concrete contractors in San Antonio, we have that answer for you. Stamped concrete is designed to mimic the texture and pattern of other paving materials. Once you peruse our portfolio of stamped concrete projects, you will see how this selection beautifies your outdoor areas.


Aside from the unique design that stands out among other homes on your block, stamped concrete offers other benefits.

Increases the Value of Your Property
Having a well-constructed driveway or patio increases your property’s value, plus when the concrete surface is stamped, you are looking at noticeable boost in the area’s aesthetic appeal. This quality then adds to the curb appeal and the visual charm of a backyard.
Although you are gaining a high degree of beautification with stamped concrete, you are still getting a bargain that won’t break the bank. Concrete construction and paving proves to be one of the most affordable options. When you compare the cost to brick or stone, concrete comes out on top in relation to affordability.
Pattern and Color Options
To further customize your stamped concrete design, we also offer integral and broadcast coloring which are two distinct methods of adding color to the concrete either before or after the material is poured. Plus, we offer various patterns and textures for the stamping itself.
Low Maintenance
Minimal upkeep gives another advantage to the stamped concrete surface. With high durability, you are looking at a surface that lasts for decades. However, you will need to seal a stamped concrete surface once every two to five years to prevent water accumulation.


To gain the full benefits of stamped concrete, we apply our experience and skills to the following installation process.

Griding and Excavation
Just like any other concrete construction project, we start griding and excavating to prepare the area where the concrete will go. This major step sets the foundation for the concrete slab.
Placing the Forms
We measure and accurately mark the area with wooden boards to ensure that the exact shape and size of the paving will be achieved.
Installing Reinforcement
Next, we lay down metal bars which will reinforce the concrete. This step is critical to the stability of the concrete and the prevention of cracks. It also ensures that the surface can withstand heavy loads.
Placing the Concrete
Once we get the concrete mixed, we place the chute from the truck as close to the proper location as possible since moving the concrete too much can result in separation.
Screeding and Finishing the Concrete
After pouring the concrete, this next step is critical to having a level surface. Our team carefully screeds the concrete to make sure the surface is flat enough to stamp.
Applying Color
Using any of the methods, we then apply the color of your choice to the concrete. We employ the integral or broadcast methods, or we can stain the concrete.
Stamping Process
Next comes the fast yet most meticulous step which is the stamping. We diagram the layout ahead of time and later, check the results often to make sure the pattern is uniform.
Curing Stamped Concrete
The curing part of the process is mostly a waiting game where ideally, no one is walking on the surface until the concrete is completely dry. Proper curing facilitates more strength and durability to the overall construction.
Installing Joints
This next step also adds to the integrity of the concrete surface. This installation of joints multiple areas of the surface prevents worse crack from occurring later.
Sealing Stamped Concrete
This final step also adds a protective layer your new concrete surface. The sealant also provides a shine to the surface and enriches the color.


We are the local stamped concrete company that you can trust. We’ve built a strong relationship with the community with our high quality of service. We put a lot of effort into giving only the best service and working closely with our customers to ensure we complete each job and exceed their expectations. So if you need a concrete contractor, then give us a call today.


Although it’s not rare to see the terms “concrete” and “cement” often used interchangeably. Cement is actually an ingredient of concrete. Concrete is a mixture of water, aggregated materials, and gravel or sand.

On a small scale, concrete is easy to work with, but without proper knowledge and the right equipment, it can be challenging. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it could lead to poor concrete surfaces. Instead, consider hiring a professional contractor like Rocking S Concrete Contractors.

The timeframe for completing concrete work can vary significantly based on the scope of your project. But, we can give you an estimated time.  Usually, we can finish our projects like installing patios and driveways in 2-5 days.

Concrete typically takes 24 to 48 hours to dry enough for you to walk or drive on it. In Fact, Concrete gets stronger and stronger as time goes on.

Yes, the sudden impact of the rain on freshly placed concrete surfaces can give rise to unexpected challenges. The key to preventing damage to the concrete surface by a rainstorm is to source concrete blankets or check out the weather updates before starting the project.